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About Phillip Horge

I knew from the very young age of twelve years old, that I wanted to be in the sales profession when I took on an early morning newspaper route as a youngster growing up in Montreal Canada.
I learned very early in life that a positive attitude, the ability to communicate, honesty and doing more than what is expected, will promote success and the ability to reap rewards beyond a person’s wildest dreams!
Early on in my Business career while living in Canada, he had “carved a niche” in business development and had successfully developed, implemented and managed United States export operations programs for several major Canadian footwear and apparel companies.
Throughout my extensive and successful business and sales career in the United States, I have been fortunate to have worked in the footwear and apparel industry. During my tenure, I have built and managed several successful and thriving sales teams and organizations.
While building and maintaining a successful business and sales career I forged a fostered many professional relationships. These relationships ultimately led me to transition his career path to become a Realtor.
I quickly realized helping families, couples and individuals find their dream homes was my passion and my business is thriving because of my efforts.
I am a motivated, inspirational and consummate professional who brings thought leadership and best practice to my business and the clients I serve.
My work ethic, transparency and honesty are my well-earned “brand” and standards I live by both in my professional and personal life.

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