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Hey there, this Phillip Horge and I would like to personally thank you for visiting my website.This means so much to me and I hope that you take some time to find out more about me, the awesome brands I represent, an-9.png



Phillip currently represents Old Gringo, Double D Ranch, Yippee Ki Yay and GameDay Boots and has helped all brands experience phenomenal growth in awareness, demand and market share.

My love for the best brands keeps my retail partners on the cutting edge of style and fashion.
— Phillip Horge

The Experience

Phillip has more than 25+ years of professional sales and business development experience, working with and representing national companies in United States and Canada

The Process

 As a very successful commission-driven manufacturer's sales representative, he uses both traditional and cutting edge methods to maintain and grow sales hitting targeted sales objectives and uncover business opportunities for the companies he represents

Representing New Companies 

Phillip evaluates all new lines and brands as to whether they are good fit with the companies and retail partners he is presently serving. If the new line is a good fit he develops a strategic business plan complete with targeted sales objectives, social media introduction and management plan